Woodhenge Pistol case

One-of-a-kind, handmade, customer zippered leather pistol case. This case is made using USA Grade A leather, YKK zipper, sheep wool lining and an inside zipper protector keeping the firearm safe from scratches. Features the Woodhenge, handtooled lettering, brass D-rings, heavy-duty leather handles, with a two-direction basket weave design.

Woodhenge Zippered Pistol Case Closed from Circle Bar-T Leatherworks by Marty Overstreet in Columbia MO-i1cj2


Customer Testimonial

“My wife tells me I’m a perfectionist and that is not necessarily a compliment. I like to think that I simply have high standards. I say that as a way of telling you that it is difficult for products to meet my expectations and they often don’t. To say that your pistol case met my expectations would be┬ácheating you. It is one of those very rare items that something exceeded my expectations! It was a beautiful case in every aspect and the writing on it was superb. The Woodhenge lettering on both sides was perfect. But it also had something else written all over it… Craftsmanship. Couldn’t be more pleased.” – Larry