All Products are 100% Made by Hand in America

All Products are 100% Made by Hand in America

Warranty: Any product made by Circle Bar-T Leather can be mailed to us for oiling and refurbishing at no cost, and we will mail it back.


Makers of the finest quality, handmade, custom, one-of-a-kind leather products in the world today!

Whether you're looking for an original leather rig, a durable holster, zippered rifle cases, zippered pistol cases, or a photo album Circle Bar-T can give you a personalized quality product. If you can't find it, we build it!

About us

Marty Overstreet - Master Leather Craftsman

Nominated into Master Saddler's & Holster Craftsmen American Guild, Marty Overstreet's love for leather developed as a hobby. Marty's uniqueness lies in the details. Details in his products, and the extra steps he takes in the world of customer service.

Our Specialties

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